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School Leadership Webinars

Digital Learning for Educational and Instructional Leaders

Educational and instructional leaders are navigating uncharted waters as they quickly learn how to facilitate a transition to remote learning in order to ensure continued student development and engagement.

In this four part webinar series, hear from leaders in the field on how to set students and faculty up for success in this digitally-focused learning environment.

Educational Leaders: Inspiring school leadership during an unprecedented pandemic

School administrators, including Dr. David Kelly, principal of Nixa High School, Nixa, Missouri, Mr. Andre Illig, principal of Cherokee Middle School, Springfield, Missouri, and Mr. Bryan Campbell, principal of Maplecrest Elementary School, Lebanon, Missouri, address:

  • Successful strategies school districts have employed to stay connected with and support their students, families, staff and faculty
  • Inspiring stories that have emerged during this time
  • Advice to encourage other school leaders and educators

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Instructional Leaders: Flipping seated instruction to engage online learning

School instructional leaders provide information and address:

  • Strategies school districts have utilized effectively to support students and teachers as they transition from seated to online learning
  • Inspiring stories that have emerged during this time
  • Advice to encourage other school instructional leaders and educators
Teachers: Making it happen during unexpected circumstances

Classroom teachers share their journeys of redefining teaching and learning during this pandemic including:

  • Focusing on relationships
  • Meeting students’ needs
  • Staying flexible and creative while juggling many emotions
The Heart of Education: what are we really trying to accomplish?

Evangel University’s Education Department professors discuss aspects of engaging teaching and learning including:

  • Building positive relationships
  • Tailoring instruction to students’ needs and interests
  • Empowering students to take ownership of their calling