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Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies

The Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies (DAIS) degree at AGTS recognizes the priority of the Holy Spirit’s person and power in accomplishing the mission of God (Missio Dei) and creates an environment in which students can experience the kind of learning that connects them more deeply to the Spirit’s work in mission and allows them to focus their program on specific application of their learning in the field. The DAIS (formerly known as the Doctor of Missiology program) has risen to serve these intercultural ministry and missions leaders. Students will enhance their missionary practice and resources, be prepared to teach missiology at any level, build foundations for training missionaries overseas, and equip leaders for compassion ministries.

The DAIS degree requires 48 credits of study. The program can be completed by any student with a master’s degree in an appropriate theological or missiological discipline. Students with insufficient background in these areas may be required to take 15-30 credits in foundations courses. See AGTS Catalog for more information.

Curriculum Overview

Program Section Credits
Core Classes 20
Program Track 12
Electives 12
Project 4

(See AGTS Catalog for specific courses)


There are two tracks in the AGTS DAIS program (see AGTS Catalog for specific courses in each Track):

  • Missiological Studies Track
  • Relief and Development Track

Course Delivery Options

The DAIS is a residential program delivered in two-week modular formats. Students typically take two courses in each module.


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