Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Tuition & Fees

Seminary Tuition & Cost 2018-2019

Tuition and fees are subject to change each fall. For an updated fee schedule, please contact the Business Office.


TUITION $565 per credit
General Student Fees (4 or more credit hours) $220 (per semester)
Part Time General Student Fees (3 or less credit hours) $80 (per semester)
AUDIT FEE $141.25 per credit
Analytical paper rewrite fee $30
Application for admission (nonrefundable) $75
Comprehensive exam retake each $30
Continuing Edu. reservation deposit $30
Deferred payment fee $50
Delinquent accounts collection fee 40% of unpaid balance
Diploma replacement fee, no cover $25
Directed research fee (nonrefundable, plus tuition) per course $250
Lab fee per credit $10
Late academic registration fee $50
Late payment fee per month $25
Proctor fee for exams each $50
Proficiency exam fee, nonrefundable $50
Readmission fee (after two semesters) $15
Returned check charge $15
Transcript each $5
Graduation Fee $200

What do my Student Fees cover?

  • Technology
  • Student Services
  • Student Fitness Center
  • Safety and Security
  • Campus Improvement

D.MIN. TUITION/FEES (See Doctor of Ministry Financial Information)
DAIS TUITION/FEES (See Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies Financial Information)
PH.D./ICS TUITION/FEES (See Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies, Financial Information)
PH.D./BTH TUITION/FEES (See Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Interpretation and Theology Financial Information)