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Certificate in Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention (Online)

If you are in a helping field, or feel called to a career in mental health, counseling, or psychology, this certificate will enhance your skills.

Gain a foundational understanding of common crisis issues and learn how to assist individuals facing domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse. Gain skills in relevant assessment and intervention models as you guide people towards a healthy response to stress and its triggers.

Experienced professors provide guided mentorship as you pursue a behavioral health-focused career and learn valuable strategies in recognizing patterns of abuse and neglect and the psychology of adjustment and personal development.

Our flexible format includes four online, accelerated, seven-week courses that accommodate your busy lifestyle. These courses are also included within the program scope of our Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health program should you decide to pursue our undergraduate degree option.


BEHA 336 Abuse & Neglect in US Families (3 cr)   

This is a study of abuse and neglect in the United States and across the lifespan. Types of abuse and neglect addressed include: sexual, physical, and emotional. Theoretical models for understanding the phenomena and treatment for both the victim and offender are examined. Attention to developing a framework for the church’s response to families in crisis is also explored.

BEHA 333 Helping Skills in Behavioral Health (3 cr) 

Core communication skills essential to developing helping relationships. Emphasis on experiential role-playing and practice in nonverbal expression, active listening, exploration, constructive confrontation, conflict resolution, and other interviewing skills essential to a professional helper. Focus on both the development of these skills and the wisdom to know when to use them.

BEHA 338 Mental Health & Wellness (3 cr) 

A study of the normal personality, with emphasis on the psychology of adjustment and healthy personal development. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and coping with stress, interpersonal psychological disorders.

BEHA 320 Crisis and Brief Interventions (3 cr) 

The purpose of this course is to develop the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to intervene in crises and perform brief interventions to bring about positive change. Students will learn how to correctly assess crisis situations and utilize a wide variety of interventions designed to return a client to a normal state. In addition, this course will also allow students to demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge gained throughout the educational experience by applying it to facilitate positive changes to improve the mental, physical, relational and spiritual health of individuals. Projects and activities within the course facilitate academic growth through hands-on experiences, as well as review of research-based interventions.


$255 per course, $1020 total program

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This certificate program provides the knowledge and skills to appropriately and compassionately intervene in the life of a person in a crisis situation who may be considering suicide.
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