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Criminal Justice

Pursuing a criminal justice career is a unique calling. We give you the tools you need to succeed.

Criminal justice is a multi-faceted world, and we prepare you for the responsibility to protect and serve by delivering practical instruction based in real-world scenarios.

Our hands-on approach uses cutting-edge equipment to provide a truly interactive learning experience. Centered in a Christian worldview, our instructors will hone your skills in social psychology, corrections in America, criminal law, and criminal investigation.

Majors: Establish a solid foundation in the principles, theories, and practices of the criminal justice system to launch your career.

Minors: Apply a strong understanding of the criminal justice system to enhance your vocational calling and sharpen your knowledge.

Concentration: Gain an understanding of the criminal justice system to enhance your vocational calling.

Career Opportunities

Evangel's academic programs are designed specifically to prepare you for a career in the real world. But it's more than just job preparation; it's preparing you to make a full impact in your profession through the unique combination of faith and learning. Here are some of the professions this degree would prepare you for:
  • Federal Agent (Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Marshalls)
  • Crime Scene Investigators
  • Municipal Police Officer
  • County Sheriff's Deputy
  • State Police, Highway Patrol Trooper, or Water Patrol
  • Juvenile Officer
  • Private Juvenile Facilities Worker
  • Probation or Parole Officer
  • Correctional Officer
  • Correctional Case Worker
  • Corporate Security and Investigations
  • United States Military
  • Crime Scene Technician


Regular Faculty

Kevin Holle, M.S.

Program Coordinator / Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Adjunct Faculty

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