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Doctor of Strategic Leadership (Online)

Organizations are looking for strategic thinkers and leaders who can provide forecasting about future trends in organizations. Leaders who think strategically organize information in a methodical way while applying practical theories of leadership to supplement their forecast. Strategic leaders inform their strategy with field specific statistical and numerical models to appraise current practice within a field or setting.

Program Format: Seven week courses are offered sequentially and online with a residency every fall

Program Start Date: Fall

Frequently Asked Questions

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Career Opportunities

The Doctor of Strategic Leadership is for anyone that will have a hand in strategic planning and leadership in any organization. The DSL is designed to improve your ability to lead, giving you the tools necessary to make decisions that could affect any group, large or small. This degree is for anyone already in a leadership position or those interested in moving ahead in their careers. Leaders in these fields have pursued their DSL:

• Human Resources
• Consulting
• Politics
• CEOs of Non-Profits, Public & Private Organizations, and Churches
• Health Care
• Public Service
• Banking
• Real Estate
• Small Business Owners
• Entrepreneurs

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