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Master of Organizational Leadership (Online)

Become the Leader You Want to Be

Leadership is an art. Any artist takes time to learn their craft. How are you investing in yourself so that you can invest in your team? In just 14 months, our Master of Organizational Leadership degree program will empower you with skills to lead your people well and to the cross. Our fully online program embodies the values of kindness, integrity, and excellence, and we want to help YOU become the leader you want to be for your organization or church.


Developing leadership skills involves a reflection of your personal values about leadership. What do you believe it takes to be a leader? How do your beliefs about leadership influence others around you? Are you operating at your highest capacity as a leader who not only influences, but takes responsibility too? We believe excellent leaders know how to develop synergy, but also embody the values of kindness and integrity.


Developing followers requires you to relate to the people in your church or organization. Leaders help empower followers with the skills they need to serve in high functioning groups and teams. Teams require high levels of communication. We believe leaders understand how to adapt their communication to develop the people in their organizations so that the church or organization grows deep roots into its mission.


Change is hard, and not everyone gets excited about it. We believe in empowering leaders with skills to paint an organizational picture about change management, organizational analysis, and restructuring. Leaders facilitate discussions about developing culture, mission, and values that play a strong role in any organization’s success. We believe skilled leaders understand how to facilitate processes that harvest information and develop cultures to serve their people well.

Quick Facts:

Program Start Date: Fall, Spring

Finish in 14 months.

No required residency.

30 credit hours (21 required/9 electives)

$400/credit hour- Discounts and Scholarships available

Connect with Bill Shackelford, Enrollment Coordinator, for more information.

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Lisa Tyson, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Online Learning

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