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Master of Divinity (Seated & Online)

Offered as a residential, hybrid, or online program, the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree at AGTS is a leading edge program designed to enable:

  • A deep grasp of God’s mission in the world and its development throughout history to the present
  • Skills for interpreting the Scriptures
  • Appreciation for and experience of the empowering of God’s Spirit in transformation and ministry
  • Rigorous reflection on Christian truths
  • Holistic leadership for engaging contemporary challenges
  • Effective evangelism, disciple-making, and meeting of community needs
  • Practical competencies needed for ministry in a pluralistic society
  • The M.Div. prepares students for pastoral and other vocational ministries in the church, teaching ministries in local Districts and churches, and for advanced graduate programs in Bible and Theology (e.g., Ph.D., and ministry (e.g., D.Min.)

The M.Div. degree requires 78 credits, three years, of study. Students with a strong undergraduate background in religion who have successfully completed introductory (Foundation) courses in Bible, Theology and Ministry may choose advanced courses instead; the faculty advisor approves the substitutions. See AGTS Catalog for specific courses subject to replacement with advanced courses.

In view of the competitive nature for entering military and hospital chaplaincies, students interested in these ministries are strongly encouraged to take at least 90 credits.

M. Div. Degree Components and Requirements

  • The AGTS M.Div. identifies the courses in the program as Foundation or Advanced. All Foundation courses are required. (See the AGTS Catalog for the specific delineation of Foundational and Advanced courses).
  • If a Foundation Course has been successfully completed with a grade of C or higher as an undergraduate, the student may take one of the Advanced Course options. (Several Foundation Courses define the AGTS educational vision and do not have alternatives.)
  • Six credits of introductory Greek are prerequisite to the program. Students who have not taken 6 credits of pre-seminary or basic Greek at the undergraduate level must take it during their first year at AGTS (AGTS courses BGR 530 Greek 1A and BGR 531 Greek 1B, earning at least a B in each) in addition to the 78 credits required. The M.Div. requires 6 more credits in either of the biblical languages.
  • All AGTS masters students must complete their degree programs within a 10-year time limit, which includes any graduate courses transferred in from other schools.


Concentrations are not required. Students may pursue electives of their choice instead. If students desire a concentration, they will assume responsibility for taking the needed courses through their requirements and electives. These concentrations will not appear on the student degree audit since students often change them during the course of their studies. If the needed courses have been taken and brought to the Registrar’s attention, at graduation the concentration will appear on a student’s transcript. Depending on the concentration, four or five courses are needed.

There are three concentrations that are popular with students (see the AGTS Catalog for specific courses in each of these concentrations):

  • Expository Preaching
  • Islamic Studies
  • Military and Institutional Chaplaincy

Distance Learning and Online Options

The AGTS Master of Divinity is offered three ways as:

  • Residential program. (To meet residency requirements 27 credits must be taken as seated coursework at the main campus. Military chaplain candidates should check with their service branch to determine residency requirements.)
  • Hybrid program (through a variety of venues and modalities)
  • Fully online.

No more than 39 credits can be transferred into the MDiv program. There is a 10-year time limit on program completion, including transfer credit.

AGTS offers online learning experiences that provide students the opportunity to earn credits toward their degree programs without traveling to any of the course locations. All online courses provide faculty to student and student to student interaction through the Course Commons (Canvas) learning management system.

Curriculum Overview

ID Name Description Hours
Mission of God & World Christianity 12
Bible & Theology 27
Practical Theology 24
Electives 9
Field Education & Research Project 3
Theological Research & Writing 3
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