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Student Life

AGTS is a community of seekers and learners bound together by the common cause of Christ. We believe education does not take place exclusively in the classroom, and that community life at AGTS enhances the student’s overall seminary experience.

We strive to provide students with a holistic preparation in keeping with their calling to various forms of ministry in the world. The Student Life department exists to support the student community by providing services, programs, and activities that contribute to student development in the social, personal, and spiritual as well as academic areas of life.

New Student Orientation

New students will be notified via email with the date and specific details of their New Student Orientation. Students who begin their studies during the summer semester should plan to attend the fall New Student Orientation. “Building Maps” (PDF provided as an attachment). Note: Each new student will be added to the AGTS 101 Course, on Course Commons.

Student Life

Each student meets with the Student Life Coordinator once during each of their first two semesters and then once per year for each year after that. Make an appointment by calling the Student Life office at (417) 268-1081.

Writing Resources

The Write Place, located in Trask Hall 202, is a free service offered to students. They provide coaching and support to help students through the writing process.

Links to Helpful Writing Websites

Graduate students may also find a variety of useful information on the D.Min. Resources Page.

Student Handbook

Evangel Connect

Evangel Connect serves as the online home for extra-curricular involvement (organizations & events) on the Evangel campus. All AGTS events are posted here.

Services Available to Students

The Center for Student Success provides academic support and accommodations, tutoring, major and career exploration, career direction, questions regarding campus, and more.

Assistance to Students with Disabilities

No student is required to disclose a disability. However, any student who anticipates the need for reasonable academic accommodations while attending AGTS must contact Stephen Houseknecht in the Center for Student Success upon admission.

Career Services

The Career Services program is dedicated to working with students, alumni, and employers to aid in job searching, provide career guidance, and offer job-skill training.

Computer Support

Computer Support is available to assist with a number of technology issues. The Help Desk is located on the first floor of Riggs Administration building.

Counseling Services

The Evangel University Counseling Center is located in the Wellness Center, on the first floor/west hall of the Cantrell Student Union. Licensed and certified Christian counselors provide confidential counseling on matters such as relationship difficulties, depression, family situations, stress management, addictions, anger issues, eating and nutritional issues, anxiety, and sleep disorders. To find out more about the services offered to seminary students, you may call (417) 865-2815, ext. 7222.


Evangel has a number of rental properties available as well as updates for rental houses and apartments in the area. Contact the Evangel rental property manager in the housing office at 417.575.5410 for an application and additional information. Learn more about housing opportunities.

Annual Security Report