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Our Campus

The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary is located on the northeast side of the Evangel campus. The 58,000 square foot academic building includes state of the art classrooms, the Cordas C. Burnett Library, a computer lab, the William J. Seymour Chapel, the Khoo Kay Peng World Prayer Center, the Admiral Vern Clark Veterans Center, and administrative offices.

Students also enjoy EU’s state of the art fitness center, a full-service cafeteria, grill, coffee shop, bookstore and access to health services and Christian counseling. Take our virtual tour!  Note: AGTS  joining the virtual tour soon!


Main Floor

Upper Floor

The William J. Seymour Chapel

The chapel at AGTS is a room full of beauty, as befits a place we gather for worship. The William J. Seymour chapel is named in honor of the African-American leader of the 1906 Azusa Street revival.

One of the chapel’s most striking features is the large stained-glass window. The dominant cross reminds us of the atoning death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Behind the cross is a circle, an ancient symbol of the Godhead, from which rays of light stream to pervade the universe with God’s glorious presence. Fiery ribbons, represen­tative of the work of the Holy Spirit in creation, revelation, and renewal, reach out to encircle planet earth, also prominently featured, to remind us of God’s fallen creatures on whose behalf He has issued a powerful missions mandate. One of the ribbons forms a dove, a biblical symbol of the Spirit. The ribbons encircle the earth with changing colors depicting the spectrum of the light and God’s infinite creative power. In the cross are 12 small circles representing the apostles who, in their foundational role, speak of the church in the redeeming and creative work of the Triune God. The one clear circle on the left represents either Mathias or the Apostle Paul. The three on top represent Peter, James and John. Praying hands reach up from earth as re­deemed humankind offer to God their prayerful intercession.

There are also two side stained-glass windows. One highlights William J. Seymour and the Azusa Street Mission. The other features Mrs. Alice Flower, the wife of J. Roswell Flower, the first General Secretary of the Assemblies of God. “Mother” Flower was an outstanding teacher. She had excellent journalistic skills and edited a weekly magazine, The Gospel Witness, which ultimately became the Pentecostal Evangel. She is honored as a pioneer, a writer, a great mother, and a deeply spiritual and influential person in the kingdom of God. The stained glass windows were donated by the Ohio District Council of the Assemblies of God and were designed by Binns Stained Glass.


AGTS has 7 classrooms where students gather for their academic pursuits. Five of the rooms are conducive to a seminar-style teaching context. Two of the lecture halls offer stadium seating for larger classes. All classrooms are equipped with quality technology, which enhances the educational experience.

Great Hall

The Great Hall serves as the grand entrance to the Seminary.  This beautiful space serves as a multi-functional area used for informal gatherings, lectures , formal receptions, and dinners.

Koo Kay Peng Prayer Chapel

The AGTS prayer chapel is literally at the heart of the building. It serves as a symbolic reminder of the centrality of prayer to our labors on Christ’s behalf. The room is beautiful and functional: a reproduction of the mural the “Miracle At Pentecost” from the Museum of Biblical Arts by Torger Thompson surrounds a skylight, and circular benches bearing flags from around the world surround a global prayer map depicting the unreached portions of the earth. The World Prayer Center was made possible by Dr. Khoo Kay Peng, Chief Executive of Malaysia United Industries.

Cordas C. Burnett Library

The Cordas C. Burnett Library is the major information resource center of AGTS, incorporating both a physical resource center along with an increasingly vast array of digital resources that can be made available to students throughout the world. Located in the beautiful home of AGTS, the Michael & Frances Cardone, Sr. Building, this two-level facility provides students with a pleasant, quiet atmosphere and a wealth of resources for the pursuit of serious graduate study.

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge, which the Student Leadership Council remodeled in 2015, provides a coffee-house environment where students can study and enjoy building friendships that will last a lifetime.