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Tips for Thriving at EU

Every student wants the best experience possible when choosing their university, and Evangel students are no exception! Transitioning into college can often be a daunting and confusing task, so we’re here to give you all the tips and tricks for how to thrive at EU. After reading this blog, we hope you feel equipped to make the most of your next 4 years here on campus, and we pray God blesses you throughout your college journey. 

6 Steps for Thriving at EU:

Invest in your Residence Hall Community

Community life is one of the best parts of the Evangel experience. Your residence hall will become your home for the next four years, so investing into the hall and your floor is a worthwhile commitment! Get to know the people on your floor and develop friendships with them so they become more than just your neighbors for the next 4 years. Make sure to go to floor events and devotions to help build that foundation of friendship on your floor and connect with people you pass every day on your way in and out of your room. Your Residence Assistant (RA) will be one of the most valuable relationships you can invest in throughout your four years in the residence halls. Don’t miss out on the mentorship, friendship, and growth you can experience by spending time getting to know your RA. Make coming home something you love doing. You won’t regret it!

Attend Campus Events 

What better way to get involved in what’s going on around campus than by attending campus events and traditions? The variety of events hosted by Evangel’s Activities’ Board (AB) are sure to offer something enjoyable for every student. These events not only give you a fun way to spend an evening, but they often involve great food/snacks. As a college student it doesn’t get much better than that, right? After you get your food and play a few games, don’t forget to introduce yourself to some new faces! Campus events are great ways to make new connections with people you don’t normally run into and can turn into lifelong friendships. Now that you’re aware of all the benefits, how could you stay away? Keep up to date with all the upcoming events by following Evangel University and Activities Board on Instagram!

Get to Know Your Professors

While professors are a wealth of knowledge and assignments… They have a lot more to offer students than just another class! Evangel’s professors care about their students and pouring into them as well as inspiring them to reach their goals. Because of Evangel’s smaller class sizes, students have the opportunity to get to know their professor and receive personalized help with assignments, spiritual questions, and job searching! The professors at EU care about more than just seeing you get a diploma, they strive to help you achieve your goals, chase your dreams, and become a better follower of Jesus during your time at Evangel and long after you leave. Professors can often become your greatest friend and ally, so why not give getting to know them a try?

Utilize Free Counseling at the Counseling Center

We all know the college transition can be a hard one which is why Evangel has counseling resources available for all students. With biweekly sessions, the counselors have time to invest in many students and help them pursue personal growth and overcome life challenges. The counseling center has options for all seasons and stages of life as well as pre-marital counseling for couples soon to be married. Make sure to take advantage of these free counseling sessions while you’re here for the happiest and healthiest you at EU! 

Attend Chapel services

We know 33 chapel credits seems like a lot…but these services really do have the potential to change your life. With dynamic worship, powerful speakers, and personal prayer time, these chapels leave students different than when they came in. Often during the busiest and most stressful times of the school year, students find the most peace when they carve out time to spend in the presence of the Lord during chapel. What better way to connect with the Evangel community than through worship and preaching each week? You don’t want to miss out on what God is doing in chapel!

Find Community

Community is arguably the most important aspect of student life here on campus. Evangel’s community is rare, and each student can partake in this unique opportunity. Finding your lifelong friends while you’re here on campus is something you’ll remember long after you walk across the stage and get your diploma. This community has the potential to change your life forever! From late night shenanigans, football games, and eating every meal together in the cafeteria, the friendships you form on campus become a crucial part of your life now and in your future. Finding the right community of friends to encourage you, pray for you, and help you succeed isn’t always as easy as it is on Evangel’s campus, so invest time in developing your friendships while you’re here and seeking to bring others into the amazing community you’ve found. It truly is what makes EU such a special place. 

Now that you know all the secret tips for thriving here at EU, we hope you put them into practice and make the next 4 years the best 4 years of your life!