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Educational Programs

Outside the classroom learning happens here!

To help you continue your education outside of the classroom, we offer programs and activities that will help you grow holistically. Many of the departments in the Student Development Division provide these co-curricular learning opportunities. Here are some examples: the Community Life Department staff and student RAs team up to present topics relevant to student experiences; the Spiritual Life Department hosts Courageous Conversations that bring a spiritual perspective to deep and often divided issues; Counseling Services works with a student team to host Fashion Fever, a women’s self-esteem program. These interactive programs provide a strong foundation for students to learn and grow.

Co-educational opportunities and targeted outcomes in Community Life include:

  • Ask. Listen. Refer. – designed to help faculty, staff, and students prevent suicide by teaching you to identify people at risk for suicide, recognize the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide, and respond to and get help for people at risk.
  • Bystander Intervention (Green Dot program) – designed to help students recognize power-based violent situations, pinpoint personal obstacles that inhibit action, believe in personal ability to intervene, discover intervention strategies, and establish personal steps to influence culture.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion – addresses personal values and identity, how to engage in open conversations with peers who don’t look like them, learn about others’ backgrounds and experiences, identify stereotypes and micro aggression, and determine steps to personally influence culture.
  • First Year Experience – helps students discover social connections while experiencing the surrounding Ozarks, identify common struggles a facing freshmen within a structured reflection group, develop strategies to begin and maintain friendships on campus, establish strategies for acclimating, succeeding and completing college, and learn about resources offered at Evangel University.

  • Healthy Relationships–in this program, students identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, define personal values and learn how they guide decisions, identify warning signs and helpful actions as a bystander, form personal boundaries and effective ways to communicate them, and determine ways to create a culture of respect and care at EU.

Courageous Conversations are generally sponsored by a specific campus organization or department in collaboration with the Spiritual Life Department. The special speakers and/or panelists are made up of experts in the field being discussed, including faculty members or special guests. Past conversations have highlighted topics such as: infilling of the Holy Spirit, sexuality, women in leadership, a theology of compassion, diversity, and grief. These are powerful and respectful discussions, guided by biblical understanding and grace.