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Student Activities and Traditions

Christy Rowden, Director of Student Activities

Evangel has been home to thousands of students before you who had great experiences and created timeless traditions that only get better with time.

Within your first few hours at Evangel, you’ll experience our vibrant campus culture and, more importantly, make it a part of your own EU story.


EU Launch is a 5-day experience that welcomes new freshmen and transfer students to the EU community, and igNIGHT signifies the beginning of the new school year for the entire student body. The night before classes start, students march from the residence halls, led by the drum line and cheerleaders, under the clock tower and toward the quad.

There, the university president and the student body president address the EU community, setting the tone for the upcoming year. Students light candles and pass the flame to signify their own unique contributions to the community.

Finally, the university president lights the traditional fire bowl, which represents the coming together of students, faculty, staff, and alumni into one united family committed to helping and encouraging one another. The night ends with fireworks, ice cream, and lots of pictures. You don’t want to miss this one of a kind campus tradition!

Homecoming & Spirit Week

Homecoming at EU isn’t just a time when alumni descend on campus for a weekend of special events. Students are right in the middle of the action. More than just a football game, Homecoming at Evangel holds several days of fun, including:

  • Dress-up days
  • Homecoming Kick-Off Bonfire
  • EU County Fair
  • EU’s Got Talent
  • Pep rally
  • Classroom visits from alumni
  • Special chapel services
  • Homecoming football game where we crown our Homecoming King and Queen at halftime

Of course, the only way you can really understand Homecoming is to experience it for yourself. Once you do, you’ll see why Evangel alumni come back year after year from around the country to celebrate these traditions and the life-long friends they met through them.

Harvest Fest and Spring Fling

Harvest Fest and Spring Fling are student-produced variety shows sponsored by the EU Activities Board (AB) and attended by hundreds of students each semester. The shows feature a new theme each year that drive the whole event.

These off-campus events take place in downtown Springfield at the historic Gillioz Theatre and feature sketches, videos, acts, and musical performances, as well as inspiring decor. Students who attend come in costume according to the theme, so everyone gets in on the fun and creativity of the event. Prizes are given for the best single, couple, and group costumes – chosen by the audience vote.

Spring Fling is the spring semester’s version of HarvestFest. In the earliest years of Evangel history, the event was called Campus Classics and featured an all-campus talent show tied to Homecoming (which was held in early spring).

Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is an annual — and highly-anticipated — women’s-only event that focuses on identity in Christ. Fashion Fever brings together women across campus and reinforces the importance of having a positive self-image.

There’s no cure for Fashion Fever!

Mr. EU

Mr. EU is a twist on the traditional pageant competition. Men from all over campus interview and are chosen to compete by showcasing their personalities and talents, such as stand-up comedy, musical performances, or choreographed routines, all while trying to charm the judges and the audience. The student body gets the final say as they text vote for their favorite.