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Your Calling. Our Passion. A new way to view our university's vision.

Welcome back, students!

You may notice that there is something a little different about Evangel. It’s not in the buildings or the classrooms, but in the way we talk about our guiding principles.

We are still a Christian-based university working to equip you with the knowledge to be positive influences in the world.

As we look at the deep history of Evangel University, Central Bible College and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, we know that we want to continue equipping students and alumni to find and grow within the calling God has placed on their hearts.

Your Calling.

We all have a calling. There is a drive in us to move forward and to follow the plan God has for us. No matter what our calling is, it is the guiding principle that gives our lives purpose.

As you continue your education here at Evangel, we hope you dive in and discover your calling and how it can affect the world beyond our walls.

Jump in and experience everything you can. Here, you can try without fear of failure, and we will be here to push you to act on your calling well after you walk across the stage at graduation.

Our Passion.

Behind every calling is a passion to serve. We are ready to go on this adventure with you, see you succeed and help you mark the important turning points in your lives.

Evangel isn’t just a place for you to learn; it’s a place for you to grow. Our faculty and staff are passionate about encouraging our students  and challenging them to be the best they can be.

A New Mark

Again, our passions lie in our commitment to serve our students and alumni.

With this in mind, we are excited to share with you a new mark that communicates the core principles of the Evangel experience.

This new mark contains upward arrows, representing the upward calling each of you feel as God guides every day of your lives.

Each arrow contains three points, standing for the presence of the Trinity in all things. Below, a flame represents the Holy Spirit, who fuels the university’s passion to help you find –and follow – your God-given calling. Each is contained within a shield, serving to boldly proclaim and protect the university’s mission.

So, as another school year begins, we welcome you home to Evangel University, where your calling is our passion.