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Credentialing Certificate

Evangel University now offers a fully accredited credentialing certificate for those looking to go into full-time certified, licensed, and ordained ministry in the Assemblies of God. The course work is affordable and enables students to complete the certificate in a single calendar year. All courses will be taught by Evangel’s highly qualified faculty and empowers your Network to be involved in every school of ministry student’s educational process.

These courses are as follows:

    1. BIBA 126 Themes in the NT
    2. BIBA 125 Themes in the OT
    3. BIBA ___ Elective Book Study
    4. THEA 216 Intro to Theology
    5. SERA 316 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
    6. CHMA 324 Church Polity & Law
    7. SERA 321 Homiletics and Church Ceremonies
    8. CHMA 461 Spirit-Empowered Leadership in the Church

These courses are fully accredited and can be applied toward further education at Evangel University.

Online Education

All courses are provided in an online format with Canvas, an online learning management system used by universities across the United States. Courses are 7-weeks in length and run year-long in Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions.

Course elements will include:

  1. Textbook and Bible readings
  2. Discussion forums
  3. Quizzes
  4. Short essays
  5. Synchronous class and individual video calls
  6. Miscellanea of digital resources (videos, podcasts, audio files, interactive material).

Each course will be taught by an Evangel professor who will be required to respond to student communications within 48 hours. Courses are designed for students with a high school diploma or equivalent.




$85 per credit, $255 per course

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