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With more than 70 academic programs, 40 campus clubs, and 54,000 alumni serving worldwide, Evangel University offers you the skills you will need to be successful and  friendships to last a lifetime. You will find a transformational experience waiting for you within our Spirit-empowered community. 

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An accounting degree is one of the most versatile business degrees available. Career opportunities exist in corporations, government, non-profit work, and beyond. Major, minor, and concentration available.


Our Agronomy minor, with an emphasis on humanitarian needs and available through our Global Training Center for Applied Science and Sustainability, complements any major. Minor available.

Allied Health (Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy)

If you want to help people get back to work or play, this degree will prepare you to be a trainer, occupational therapist, or physical therapist. Major available.

Applied Mathematics

Fine tune your analytical and problem solving skills and follow a career path in physics, chemistry, or biology. Major available.

Applied Science & Sustainability

Study the relationship between humans and the environment and learn more about environmental conservation through this degree program. Major available.


Combine your appreciation for art with practical experience in studio settings to hone your skill and advance your career. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Art Education

Use your creative talent to help others develop theirs. With our Art Education degree program, you’ll be prepared to teach art in grades K-12. Major available.

Associate of Arts

Evangel University offers several 2-year degree programs that can be used as terminal preparation or as an opportunity to determine whether a student wishes to obtain a 4-year degree.

Behavioral Health (Online)

A career in the behavioral health field places you at the nexus of health care and psychology. Our Adult Studies Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health provides the foundational skills needed to address emotional, relational, and cognitive issues.

Biblical Languages

Study Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew, the original languages of the Bible, and enhance your Bible reading, teaching, and preaching. Minor available.

Biblical Studies

Pursue our premier degree that will allow you to understand, research, and interpret Scripture and apply it to your life and calling. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Biblical Studies A.A.

Develop the skills you need to understand what the Bible says, what it means, and how to incorporate its truths into your life and calling.


Pursue your passion for science and advance your vocational calling through our practical and hands-on biology degree program. Major and minor available.

Biology Education

Foster a love of science in the minds of the next generation through our comprehensive Biology Education degree program. Major available.


Combine your interest in psychology and biology with this minor program designed to accelerate your career in the social services or the medical field. Minor available.

Business Administration A.A.

Learn the language of business and how to maximize efforts to ensure organizational success through our integrated Business Administration associate’s degree program.

Business Education

The world of education needs business savvy educators. Our program combines business principles with educational training so you’ll make an impact in the classroom. Major available.

Business Management

Develop the leadership and management skills you need to become a successful business professional through this versatile degree program. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Business Management (Online)

Be prepared to think critically and lead strategically. Our Adult Studies Bachelor of Science in Business Management provides you with the managerial skills of planning, organizing, leading, and directing.

Business Management A.A. (Online)

Our online program is designed for busy professionals like you. Study anywhere, anytime, and advance your business career through our streamlined degree program.


Expand your scientific knowledge with our comprehensive Chemistry degree that will challenge you to see the world of life sciences in a whole new way. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Chemistry Education

Combine your passion for science and your passion for education with our integrated Chemistry Education program. Major available.

Childcare & Development A.A.

Make an impact in the classroom as you combine your passion for education and your love of children via our innovative associate’s degree program.

Children’s Ministries

Combine your passion for ministry and your calling to influence children by pursuing our innovative children’s ministries program. Minor and concentration available.

Church Leadership

Become an effective church leader with a strong understanding of leadership, biblical theology and exegesis, homiletics, and languages. Major, minor, and concentration available.


If you love sports, the coaching minor will give you the ability to influence and help students achieve their best on and off the field. Minor available.

Communication Arts Education

Pursue your passion for the art of communication in a classroom context via our Communication Arts Education degree program. Major available.

Communication Studies A.A.

Gain a foundational understanding of media skills such as writing, speech, desktop publishing, and design as you pursue a communications-related career.

Community Relief and Development

Learn how to implement a compassion-based approach to disaster response and crisis intervention within your community via our progressive minor program. Minor available.

Computer Information Systems

Jump into the world of information systems and learn skills in computers, communications, and software that will launch your career. Major and minor available.

Computer Information Systems (Online)

Jump into the world of information systems and learn skills in computers, communications, and software in this online program that will help launch your career.

Computer Science

Become a digital information technology expert and advance your vocational calling in the computer sciences field through our innovative degree program. Major available.

Criminal Justice

Make a difference in the world of criminal justice by pursuing our degree program which focuses on the calling to serve and protect your community. Major and minor available.

Digital Arts

The digital arts major is for those who love to communicate and create. You’ll study web design, layout and more to succeed in your calling. Major and minor available.

Disability Studies

Enhance your chosen major with specialized study in how to effectively engage with and empower people with disabilities. Minor available.

Early Childhood Education

Inspire a love of learning in the hearts and minds of young children through our comprehensive Early Childhood Education degree program. Comprehensive Major available.

Electronic Media

Through a concentration in electronic media, you’ll get a well-rounded set of skills that gives you necessary experience for work in media. Concentration available.

Electronic Media A.A.

Hone your digital media skills and expand your communications-focused career opportunities with our Electronic Media associate degree program.

Elementary Education

Become immersed in the discipline, culture, and passion of teaching and learning through our engaging and immersive Elementary Education program. Major available.


Our English degree can open the door to a variety of careers, including education, law, business, or many other diverse professions. Major, minor, and concentration available.

English Education

You’ll graduate ready to get your secondary school teacher certification and teach nationally or internationally through our comprehensive English Education degree program. Major available.

Environmental Science

Study the relationship between humans and the environment and learn more about environmental conservation through this minor program. Minor available.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science degree will give you the knowledge, experience, and credentials to work as a specialist, training people and keeping them healthy. Major available.

Film & Broadcasting

Expand your video production skills and gain a foundational understanding of film history, aesthetics, and scriptwriting to pursue a career in the film industry. Major available.


A finance degree will equip you with analytical skills and effective communication techniques to help businesses and organizations make wise financial decisions. Major and minor available.

Fine Arts (Graphic Design)

Combine your artistic talent with your passion to learn by studying the fine art of graphic design through our degree program. Major available.

Fine Arts (Studio Track)

Fine tune your artistic talent with our customizable program that allows you to select your specific area of focus and build on foundational art principles. Major available.

Forensic Science

Understand how forensic science is used as a resource in the criminal justice system to collect evidence during criminal investigations. Minor Available.


Develop your proficiency in the French language and experience international study in Normandy, France through an immersive cultural experience. Major, minor, and concentration available.

French Education

Put your passion for the French language to work as a foreign language teacher in grades K-12 with our comprehensive French Education degree program. Major available.

General Education A.A.

Enhance your career opportunities and broaden your knowledge base by completing our comprehensive General Education associate’s degree program.

General Science

Our customized general science minor option gives you the opportunity to bring your passion for science to life while pursuing another major course of study. Minor available.

General Studies A.A. (Online)

Refine your interests and identify your career trajectory through our comprehensive general studies program that gives you flexibility to pursue courses that appeal to you.

General Studies B.S. (Online)

Our flexible online bachelor’s degree program will equip you for success and advance your career through integrated core classes and hands-on application.


Learn about the foundations and principles upon which our nation was established and how to integrate a Christian worldview into the halls of government. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Healthcare – Nursing

Ignite your passion for helping others by launching your care-focused career through our comprehensive Health Care-Nursing degree program. Major available.


Understand how history impacts current and future social issues and use your critical thinking skills as you investigate ways that human behavior shapes history. Minor and concentration available.

Human Resource Management

Interested in one of the fastest growing business careers? Our program will equip you to build and maintain effective workforces in any type of organization. Minor available.

Human Services A.A.

Develop the skills necessary to provide compassionate help to those in need through our comprehensive Human Services degree program.


Broaden your perspective and expand your knowledge of the arts, culture, and history by pursuing our humanities program. Minor available.

Intercultural Studies (Missions)

Develop an appreciation for global diversity and learn how to effectively build cross-cultural relationships in an effort to advance the kingdom. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Intercultural Studies A.A.

Become acquainted with diversity in a global context and learn how best to represent Christ regardless of your location or culture.

International Business

Business is global. Our degree program equips you with the knowledge necessary to buy, sell, and market products and services on a global scale. Minor available.


A concentration in journalism provides you with training in all the various media. With a focus on reporting, you will develop skills in every area from writing to web design. Concentration available.

Journalism A.A.

Learn the art of effective storytelling as you gather, assess, create, and present news and information through a wide range of mediums.


Sharpen your leadership skills as you pursue your calling in ministry or the marketplace. Minor available.


Open doors to an exciting career in business by learning the craft of effectively marketing products and services to consumers. Major, minor, and concentration available.


Put your love of numbers to work for you with a career in mathematics through our comprehensive degree program. Major, minor, concentration available.

Mathematics Education

Inspire the next generation of students with a passion for numbers via our rigorous Mathematics Education degree program. Major available.

Middle School Education

Play a pivotal role in shaping the intellect and emotional development of tomorrow’s leaders through our dual-certification Middle School Education program. Major available.

Military Science (ROTC)

Fulfill your call to service through our military science minor degree program that will enhance your leadership calling. Minor available.

Multimedia Journalism

From newspapers to broadcast, a degree in multimedia journalism will develop your skills, preparing you for success in whatever medium you choose. Major and minor available.


This bachelor's program is for you if you love music and prefer a general studies music degree that can be integrated into your vocational calling. Major and minor available.

Music (Recording Technology)

Engage your passion for music and your love of technology in this progressive degree program. Major and minor available.

Music Education

Combine your passion for music and your love of teaching with our comprehensive degree program in music education. Major available.

Music Performance

Combine your passion for music with your God-given calling to perform with our outstanding bachelor of music in performance degree program. Major available.

Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise

Combine your mind for business and heart for service through our innovative degree program, among the first of its kind in the nation. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Personal Training

With the personal training minor, you'll be able to pursue certification as a trainer or exercise specialist and make an impact in your community. Minor available.


Develop an appreciation for the history and role of philosophy and how it has shaped our culture and worldviews via our comprehensive degree program. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Photography (Art Emphasis)

Take your photography skills to the next level with our comprehensive photography minor that emphasizes both traditional and digital methods. Minor available.

Photography (Communication Emphasis)

Hone your photography skills and discover new methods and emerging trends through our practical program that will prepare you for an enriching career or hobby. Minor available.

Photography and Film A.A.

Fast-track your communications-focused career as you learn how to capture professional-quality photos and video through our associate degree program.

Physical Education (K-12)

If your passion is teaching or coaching students, the Physical Education degree will put you on track to fulfill your calling. Major available.

Physical Science

Gain a foundational understanding of chemistry and physics while pursuing a separate major course of study through our physical science minor program. Minor available.


Pursue our physics program and advance your vocational calling in a science related field, as an educator, or in engineering or computer science. Minor and concentration available.


Gain foundational skills for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders through our pre-chiropractic track that combines the study of biology and the nervous system. Major available.


Implement compassionate care as you learn foundational components of dental health and treatment through our Pre-Dentistry degree track. Major available.


Prepare to launch your engineering career through our specially designed track that will provide you with foundational knowledge to design solutions for technical problems. Major available.


Develop a foundational understanding of the American legal system and the processes and procedures that govern our justice system via our Government major pre-law track. Major available.


Combine your passion for compassionate care with your desire to pursue a career in medicine through our comprehensive pre-medicine program. Major available.

Pre-Nursing A.A.

Fast-track your career in the nursing field as you provide compassionate care to those in need with our innovative pre-nursing associate’s degree program.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Pursue a career in helping individuals cope with the effects of injury, disease, and disability as they regain independence through our innovative pre-occupational therapy track. Major available.


Pursue a career in optometry and deliver compassionate service to people seeking eye care and treatment through our comprehensive pre-optometry track. Major available.

Pre-Physical Therapy

Pursue a rewarding career as a physical therapist and combine your passion for helping others with your interest in this science-related field. Major available.

Pre-Physician Assistant

Pursue a career as a physician assistant and gain a foundational understanding of medical science and biology through our integrated pre-physician assistant track. Major available.


Build a career by caring for the health and well-being of animals through our innovative pre-veterinary program. Major available.


Enhance your calling to ministry by learning the foundations of sound, effective preaching via our premier biblical preaching program. Minor and concentration available.


One of our most popular degree programs, our psychology degree will prepare you for a career of service though understanding the basics of human behavior. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Psychology in the Church

Combine your passion for theology with your interest in behavioral science to impact your vocational calling to ministry. Minor available.

School Psychological Examiner Certification

Our School Psychological Examiner Certification will prepare you to to competently administer, score, and interpret standardized test instruments as well as to write up reports when determining students’ eligibility for specialized services.

Social Science

Gain a broad understanding of significant social issues and enhance your critical thinking skills with this comprehensive degree program. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Social Science Education

Prepare for your certification to teach social sciences in public or private secondary schools through our comprehensive degree program. Major available.

Social Work

Known as the “helping profession,” social work is for those with a heart of service and a desire to make a difference in their communities. Major and minor available.


Study the science behind what influences societal behavior and norms and how that relates to fulfilling your vocational calling. Minor available.


Pursue your passion for Spanish studies with a degree program that will prepare you for a career here or abroad. Major, minor, and concentration available.

Spanish Education (K-12)

In today’s increasingly global society, Spanish teachers are in high demand at all grade levels. Our program will prepare you for a successful teaching career. Major available.

Special Education/Cross-Categorical Disabilities

Learn the foundational skills needed to provide a meaningful and compassionate education to students with disabilities through our innovative minor program. Minor available.

Sport Management

You’ll learn how to succeed in the business of sports, opening up a range of career opportunities, from professional team sports to travel and tourism. Major available.

Strategic Communication – Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations Track

An Advertising and Public Relations degree will help you grow your communication, media production, social media, and writing skills to help you develop your career. Major and minor available.

Strategic Communication: Communication Studies Track

Discover your communication talents, learn how to interact with the public and the media, and acquire basic media production skills via our comprehensive program. Major and minor available.

Strategic Communication: Political Communication Track

Combine your interest in media and politics with our innovative Political Communication track and develop skills to pursue careers in political journalism or campaign management. Major available.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Combine your passion for teaching with your passion for the English language by obtaining a Teaching English as a Second Language minor. Minor available.


Polish your acting skills and pursue a career as a theatre performer, stage technician, or director with our integrated theatre degree program. Major, minor, and concentration available.


Combine your passion for both theatre and music via our innovative degree program that allows you to pursue an education in both. Major available.

Theatre/Speech Education

Combine your passion for the performing arts, your love of persuasive communication, and your penchant for teaching through our innovative program. Major available.

Worship Leadership

Use your talents in ministry as a worship leader and draw people into the presence of the Holy Spirit through our comprehensive degree program. Major and minor available.


Enhance your writing abilities and become an effective and influential communicator with our writing program. Minor available.

Youth Ministries

Become a ministry leader and influence the next generation of students as you empower them to fulfill their purpose and pursue their calling. Major, minor, and concentration available.