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Mailing / Shipping to Evangel

Mail/Print Services through Evangel’s Mail and Print Center

Mondays: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Tuesdays – Fridays: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

CLOSED all Weekends and Some Federally-Recognized Holidays

Location: Riggs 201

Contact Information: or or (417) 865-2815, ext. 7239

Listed below are our establishment’s recommendations for how letters, packages, and boxes are to be addressed when they come to our location at Evangel University:

First and Last Name

Evangel University (if an ordering system does not permit this field due to too many characters, “Evangel” can be omitted)

1111 N. Glenstone Ave. Dorm and Room Number (i.e. Spence-111)

Springfield, MO 65802

(SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING “1111 NORTH”: Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) exists at 1111 “South” Glenstone Avenue, which is not our location. Also, when “1111 Glenstone Avenue” is listed, carriers commonly default to PFH, thus causing confusion and delays with delivery of items to our location. Thus, “North” is critical to write for all incoming letters, packages, and boxes. Should you know that an item is coming to the Springfield area with “1111 South” or “1111 Glenstone” listed on the package, feel free to stop by our office to let us know.)

Mail and Print Center FAQs

Can I send out mail and packages from the Mail and Print Center?

Yes – we are able to provide assistance by sending out letters, packages, and boxes through the following Carriers:

  • United States Postal Service (USPS) – (2-10 Business Days)
  • FedEx Express (1-2 Business Days)
  • FedEx Ground (3-10 Business Days)
  • UPS Ground (3-10 Business Days)

The only known delays with processing items (both with delivering and processing items) are between October 30 to January 30 each year, due to the observed Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holidays.

We also have boxes and packaging materials free for the taking available at our location. When you visit us, feel free to come with just the address of where your contents are going, and then, we can help you with the rest!

Can I purchase stamps and mailing supplies at the Mail and Print Center?

Yes, you can purchase stamps and other mailing-related supplies. We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit/debit cards, Cash, and Coins. If you would like a large amount of stamps, our office can reserve specific stamps on your behalf.

Envelopes are available for 0.05 cents each, and we have a range of manila and white larger envelopes available for purchase at our location.

While we cannot process checks, the Office of the Bursar can help to convert Checks to Cash or Coins, when you visit their location from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.

How will I be notified when my packages arrive on campus?

When your packages arrives, we will scan your received items into our system and follow our department’s procedures. At that point, you will receive an email from and a text message from: (347) 767-6703 that the package is available for pick up during our operating hours.

After four days of not being picked up from our location, there will be an autogenerated reminder message sent.

We understand life at Evangel gets busy (with other jobs off-site, sports practices, and/or volunteering elsewhere), so if you need someone to pick up your items on your behalf at our location, please send our text message to a trusted individual (friend, roommate, RA, or RD), and that person can pick up this item on your behalf during our operating hours.

On Mondays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., we intentionally open later and close later, to accommodate for processing the increased number of items received over the weekend, as well as help faculty, staff, and students who would prefer to pick up their items from our location just before 5:30 p.m. on those days.

What if I get a notification that an item has been delivered on campus, but I have not yet received a notice from the Mail and Print Center?

Our Carriers release their delivered packages immediately once they come to our location. During select days not known in advance (and especially at the beginning of each semester), we may have several days where we need extra time to process all received items, depending on the number of packages received, before we are able to send our notification. Our associates will give an estimated timeframe of how long it will take until all received items will be tracked in our system. Thank you for your patience, as our office associates diligently continue notifying the entire community of their received items too.

Our office understands exceptional situations occur and want to help immediately. So, if you have received a delivery notice but not from us (i.e. a package comes in on Tuesday morning, but it is now Wednesday morning, and you have still not received our message), feel free to stop during our operating hours or email us at with a Tracking Number (i.e. the number that the sending Vendor has provided to you). Our associates will work together to provide a solution for this delayed delivery of ordered items, as well as provide potential recommendations to avoid this delay from happening again.

How do I get my mail when it arrives on campus?

Students living in the dorms will be assigned a personal mailbox in the Dorm building (shared with their roommate), with keys distributed from the RD and/or RA at the beginning of the Fall or Spring Semester. Mail will be delivered to those mailboxes twice a week, typically by 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the mail items appear to be a check, a financially sensitive item, or too thin or too large for the mailbox, we will notify you via email/text with our notifications (just as you would receive for a package) to come and pick up this item at our location during our operating hours.

We also have outgoing mailboxes in each Dorm, which are checked when mail is delivered twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. If your letters are time-sensitive or if you need tracking (which costs more), feel free to visit our location to drop those letters into our slots at any time, or visit us during our operating hours to receive the assistance of one of our associates.

If you live in Off-Campus Housing and would prefer to have your mail held at our location, please visit the Mail and Print Center to inform us of your preference, and we will reflect that preference in our record-keeping.

If you are a commuter student who wants mail sent to your current address or you are moving away from campus, please fill out our Mail Forwarding form so that if we receive any mail for you, we can route it to the correct location.

The Change of Address Form is located here:

Can I print/make copies?

Yes, the Mail and Print Center is happy to help at our location with your print-related inquiries.

For all print requests, please submit a request here:

Please note that our office observes an 8-hour policy for all submitted print requests. Thank you for understanding in advance that some same-day submissions cannot be accepted at our location.

If a negotiated timeline is desired, please visit us during our operating hours.

ALL POSTERS NEED TO BE APPROVED: if your print project is designed to be posted around campus, please contact Conference Services ( for their approval stamp before submitting your print request, which will need to be included as part of your poster’s design (ideally not in a corner of a poster, but more so within the poster). We will be unable to print your project without this stamp, thus causing a delay with your request.

Can I work at the Mail and Print Center?

Yes, when Work Study positions are available. If interested, please visit our establishment to inquire for an application. Interviews are typically conducted in-between semesters digitally, so be on the look-out for any announcements posted at our location or on Handshake (in partnership with the Center for Student Success).

Special Beginning-of-the-Academic-Year Notice:

The beginning of the school year is typically our busiest, as we receive record-breaking numbers of letters, packages, and boxes. It is not an exaggeration that our staff members have spent some workdays exclusively routing and delivering packages to our community during multiple days in August.

In order to avoid any delays when our community is ordered items simultaneously, our office recommends pre-ordering items ahead of time. Incoming freshman/transfer students can order items or have mail sent as early as the beginning of June for the August Semester, while returning students can order items or have mail sent as early as late July for the August Semester, to have these items ready for pick-up during our operating hours.

Should printing be requested, our office strongly encourages all print-related submissions to be submitted between late July to mid-August (or sooner), as much as time permits.

The Mail and Print Center has slightly modified hours during the Summers, which will be announced in advance.

Thank you for reading, contact us if you have any further questions, and may God bless and direct you inspirationally as you embark on your Evangel journey!