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District Youth Directors: Organizational Leadership Executive Cohort

An Exclusive Invitation for District Youth Directors and Hand-Picked Youth Pastors

Join Josh Wellborn, National Director of Assemblies of God Youth Ministries, along with other DYDs and youth ministry colleagues for a life-changing, leadership-shaping learning experience like no other.

This is your chance to network and collaborate with your peers in ministry, to learn from one another and grow together, as you tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in youth ministry today. It’s an investment in yourself and in one another to impact the next-generation ministries of our movement.


About the Program…

Master of Organizational Leadership at Evangel University

  • Streamlined and flexible online program that can be completed in 14 months
  • Courses and projects tailored to the leadership context of next-gen ministry
  • Closed cohort exclusively for DYDs and invited youth pastors
  • Special tuition discount – a savings of $2,400!
“I’ve considered different graduate programs for years. The MOL at Evangel University offers the practical outcomes I am looking for to better equip myself and AG Youth Ministries for the challenges I believe we are called to meet head on. The price and timing are right for me, and I’d love to have some members of the DYD family join me in this journey.” – Josh Wellborn

Total Tuition Fees per Enrollment Term:

Aug – Dec 2021
Jan – April 2022
May – July 2022
Aug – Oct 2022

MOL 501 Foundations of Leadership
Provides a foundation of leadership theories.

MOL 502 Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Discusses the role emotional intelligence plays in work and encourages students to develop their own emotional intelligence and apply it in their leadership context.

MOL 527 Communications & Community Relations
Explores best practices of communication in the workplace and equips students to find creative ways to connect with their employees and customers.

MOL 645 Managerial Finance
Explains how to budget based on strategic planning and in consideration of human resource decisions, with practical guidance for making budget projections with and without previous years’ data.

MOL 665 Organizational Design & Development
Analyzes the 4 major organizational frames—structural, political, human resource, and symbolic—and equips leaders to provide context, transform culture, and control the environment through the development of framing within an organization.

MOL 672 Marketing
Examines effective marketing strategies for the student’s leadership context. Provides students with the opportunity to develop a marketing strategy for their ministry.

MOL 675 Developing People & Teams
Explains the skills needed to develop teams of employees and/or volunteers. Examines objective ways to measure successful team development and integration of organizational culture.

Elective courses provide the opportunity for specialization and focus within the Master of Organizational Leadership program. The Organizational Leadership Executive Cohort can select from existing elective options (see below) or request courses on special topics relevant to their leadership context. The Academic Program Coordinator will determine elective options with input from cohort participants.

MOL 503 Followership
Examines the role of followers in organizations. Learn to identify the types of followers within your organization develop followers into stronger contributors.

MOL 504 Organizational Spirituality
Examines the role of spirituality in the workplace. Examines the varied ways individuals may label spirituality and its impact on organizational culture and productivity.

MOL 555 Lean Six Sigma: Theory & Skills
Explores the theories and concepts related to change-management using the LSS platform and methodology.

MOL 556 Lean Six Sigma: Project
Provides an opportunity for students to carry out a supervised LSS project within their organization.

MOL 601 Strategic Management
Examines various change-management systems that are available to leaders to design, implement, and assess organizational and procedural changes.

MOL 650 Analysis of the Organizational Environment
Discusses how leaders can accurately and effectively develop questions, surveys, and a strategic plan to identify and solve problems in their leadership context.


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“I knew the MOL program would help me realize my potential to be the best leader I could be, but I did not know how it would change my life in so many ways. This program teaches you that leadership is multifaceted and once you understand that you see a change in how you interact with others in all areas. Life is about building and maintaining relationships. This program teaches you how to positively impact others and connect on a deeper level.”

~ Bernadette Losh, 2019 Graduate