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Effective communication is a critical ministry skill. Develop your talent for preaching as you learn how to prepare and deliver impactful sermons.

Preaching is a core responsibility of ministry leaders. Our preaching program will prepare you to deliver relevant, doctrinally sound teaching. A focus on biblical exegesis and its application to our lives today is a core component of our program.

Professors with real-world ministry leadership experience will provide instruction in homiletics, preaching and biblical genres, and great commission preaching. Our flexible program allows you to select the elective ministry courses that best fit your interest and calling.

Looking for a major focused on Preaching? Consider pursuing a Church Leadership major with a Preaching Track.

               Preaching Track: Church Leadership major program plan (Bachelor of Science)

               Preaching Track: Church Leadership major program plan (Bachelor of Arts)


Minors: Learn the art of public speaking and learn how biblical research, exegesis, and delivery combine to produce an effective sermon.

Concentrations: Develop excellent communication skills as you pursue your vocational calling to full-time ministry.

Fine Arts Scholarship

Fine Arts Scholarship opportunities are available for those interested in pursuing this program. Click here for eligibility and requirement details!

Career Opportunities

A concentration or minor will supplement a major program and would help anyone interested in the fields of
  • Pastor
  • Bible teacher
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain


Department Chair

Regular Faculty

Meghan Musy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Director of Competency-Based Theological Education

Vince Medina, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Director of PhD Biblical Interpretation and Theology, Chair of Bible/Theology Department

William Griffin, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Mark Jenkins, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and Archaeology

Michael Jaffe, D.Min.

Professor of Preaching and Church Leadership

Steve Smallwood, D.Min.

Associate Professor for Church Ministries, Program Coordinator for Church Ministries (online)

Mark Fabian, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Learning

Chris McGough, M.A.

Associate Professor of Youth Ministries

Adjunct Faculty

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