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Fall 2022

Business and Organizational Partnership Spotlight: Arc of the Ozarks

The Arc of the Ozarks

Marah Schreiber, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources

Tell us about your organization. The Arc of the Ozarks is a non-profit organization that supports individuals with disabilities in directing their own lives as valued members of the community. We have been around since 1964 and we now have divisions in Springfield, Monett, Joplin, and Kansas City.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your organization? Partnering with Evangel has allowed us to offer our staff a resource that they otherwise may not have access to.  Being able to offer further education at a discounted rate is such an awesome benefit for our staff.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other organizations? It’s crucial to be able to offer a vibrant benefits package to employees.  We can’t live out our mission without dedicated employees, so any way we can show them how much we value them, we jump on it! I would encourage other organizations to do the same!

Church Partnership Spotlight: Rolla First

Rolla First Assembly of God

Lance Langenberg, Lead Pastor

Tell us about your church.

Rolla First AG was established in 1935 out of a tent revival. Since that time, our church has worked hard to bring the full Gospel message to the people or Rolla and Phelps County. After 87 years of ministry, we have seen countless souls saved and lives transformed. We are on the doorsteps of Missouri S&T University and feel a strong calling to reach the thousands of students who flood our town each school year. We continue to seek God’s direction in this new chapter of ministry and anticipate even greater Kingdom impact in the years to come.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your church?

Our EU Partnership has allowed us to not only encourage our students to pursue an education at Evangel but to help them make that dream a reality. Finances used to be a huge stumbling block for the average student investigating Evangel but now we are able to effectively remove that obstacle through the benefits of the partnership program. Our first year, we have seen 5 students choose to go to Evangel!

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other churches?

It’s no secret that the average university fosters an anti-Christian environment and makes it very difficult for our students to grow in their faith while furthering their education. With the EU partnership, we have been able to come alongside our students and their parents and help them gain access to a quality education while building their faith in Christ.

School District Spotlight: Ozark R-VI Schools

Craig Carson, Ed.D.
Asst. Supt. of Learning – Ozark R-VI Schools

Tell us about your school district.  

Located in the 2nd fastest growing county in Missouri, Ozark is a rural district seeing great growth in student numbers and community amenities. It is a great place to grow families. The schools have tremendous support from the community.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school district?

Over the last decade Ozark has moved from 35% of teachers with a masters degree to over 75%. The Evangel program has helped us build capacity within our teacher leaders. Teachers leave the program prepared to tackle instructional, curricular, and social problems of practice within the school community.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other school districts?

Evangel has catered the instructional program to fit the needs of the Ozark School District. Our mission and vision drive daily decisions for the District, and our partnership with Evangel has helped provide the training for our professional staff to accomplish the Board’s mission.

Christian School Partnership Spotlight: St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy

St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy

Lisa Land, Academic Counselor

Tell us about your school.

St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy is a K-12th-grade school. We are a private Christian school dedicated to educating children academically, spiritually, and physically. We want our students to be equipped with the tools needed not only to be a success in the world but also to be a light in the darkness.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school?

Our partnership with Evangel has allowed our students the opportunity to complete core college courses, while still meeting the requirements of the higher-level diploma that our students receive at graduation. The reduced price for the courses enables our parents to help their students advance academically at a reasonable price.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other schools?

I would recommend a partnership with Evangel to other Christian schools because of the quality of education the students receive. The professors who teach are also like-minded Christians, so we are never concerned that the students may be persuaded by a non-Biblical worldview. That was one of our school’s concerns when seeking out universities that offer dual enrollment classes. We did not want our Christian values to be contradicted in our own classrooms. We have been very pleased with the quality of the curriculum and the professors.

Summer 2022

Business and Organizational Partnership Spotlight: OACAC Head Start

OACAC Head Start

Ellena Stotler, Director of Professional Development

Tell us about your organization.

OACAC Head Start is an early childhood education and development program that fosters healthy development for eligible children and families.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your organization?

The partnership with Evangel has afforded our 350 employees the option of continuing their education at a discounted rate, and extended those discounts to their spouse or dependent.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other organizations?

I highly recommend employers to form a partnership with Evangel, there is minimal work required of the employer, but it creates an excellent opportunity for staff.

Church Partnership Spotlight: Connection Point

Connection Point

Jordan Cunningham, Connection Point Leadership College Internship Director

Tell us about your organization.

At Connection Point Leadership College, we strive to raise Kingdom-minded leaders that are passionate about serving God and making disciples. Our hands-on leadership program immerses interns in the life of church leadership. Allowing them to grow spiritually, discover the inner workings of the local church, and serve the congregation and our community.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your organization?

Our partnership with Evangel has brought about the opportunity for people in our congregation and community to earn their degrees while gaining invaluable ministry experience. As Connection Point Church continues to grow and expand, so does the need for trained and experienced leaders. By partnering with Evangel, CPLC aims to equip and prepare those called by God to be future leaders for Christ.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other organizations like yours?

I would highly recommend an EU partnership to any church interested in investing in their people and community. Evangel offers many degree options, certificates, and online programs that genuinely make higher education accessible for people from all walks of life. Ultimately by partnering with Evangel, our program guarantees that students will receive a quality education with Christ at the center.

As we prepare for our fall semester to begin, we look forward to working closely with the staff at Evangel and seeing our partnership continue to expand. Our goal is to continue developing and expanding our program, allowing more students to gain their degrees and be prepared to lead and fulfill the great commission. God has a great plan for this generation, and we are thankful He chose us to be a part of it!

School District Spotlight: Hollister School District

Sandy Leech, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Tell us about your school district.

The Hollister R-V School District (HSD) is a district comprised of approximately 1500 students, and is deeply committed to student success.  Strategic planning and foresight have allowed the district to serve students from birth through graduation at one centralized location. Students live, study, and grow together, making a community of lifelong learners. The Hollister R-V School District consistently receives full accreditation from DESE on the Annual Performance Report. In 2021 Hollister students scored above the state average in 14 of 18 overall tested areas, improved from 2019 testing in 15 of 18 tested areas, and in 2019 the district received the MASA Innovation Award.  The Hollister R-V School District believes in the importance of student engagement, community partnerships, and professional learning. We are a school district with an unrelenting focus on learning. “All students will succeed, as success is our only option.”

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school district?

Our partnership with Evangel has helped us facilitate a graduate program in which our teachers can learn specific strategies tailored to helping serve the students in our community.  We love this program because it allows us to support our teachers with relevant PD while they are also earning a masters degree!  It is a win-win for everyone, and it has been highly successful.  Our teachers feel valued, and Evangel has done a fabulous job partnering with us to allow us the freedom to select courses and coursework that is a great fit for what our teachers need.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other school districts?

We would absolutely recommend a partnership with Evangel!  They have been fabulous to work with, always ask what more they can do to help us, and are very prompt in communication.  It has been and continues to be a wonderful partnership!

Christian School Partnership Spotlight: Gloria Deo Academy

Jayne Hankins

Tell us about your school.

Gloria Deo Academy partners with parents to educate students in a historic biblical worldview through a rigorous classical curriculum. The goal of GDA is to develop ethical and wise individuals who will impact their community for the glory of God through service, leadership, and character. We serve students in grades Pre-K through 12 at our Golden Campus in Springfield. Our students in grades 7 through 12 participate in either a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday schedule. Our River Stone Campus in Nixa and our Joplin Campus also serve grades K through 6.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school?

Our partnership with Evangel University has opened doors for our students in regard to pursuing Christian education at the post-secondary level. This has been made possible through a tuition discount of 50% for GDA graduates attending Evangel University as an undergraduate, as well as through quality, affordable dual credit opportunities. Juniors and seniors at GDA have been able to participate in a variety of course offerings online and seated, both at Gloria Deo Academy and at Evangel University. Because Evangel is a faith-based university, our families can be confident that course content will be compatible with Christian education and reinforce the values of GDA.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other schools?

The faculty at Evangel has consistently shown they are willing to go above and beyond to help our students be successful and provide individualized attention.

Spring 2022

Business and Organizational Partnership Spotlight: Adult and Teen Challenge USA

Wendy Buttacy

Chief Operating Officer

Tell us about your organization.

Our mission is to provide teens & adults freedom from addiction and other life-controlling issues through Christ-centered solutions.

Adult & Teen Challenge works on a Christ-centered model of drug and alcohol recovery. This means that we are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to our addiction recovery centers. We endeavor to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

There are over 200 Adult & Teen Challenge residential programs throughout North America. Our Christian recovery centers offer a variety of programs that include drug addiction help, alcohol recovery, and services for youth, adults, and families.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your organization?

Our partnership with Evangel has been a blessing to many staffers within our organization by making their educational goals accessible and affordable. EU also brought additional value to our FORGE Executive Development Program, by arranging for transfer credit for those who graduate the FORGE program.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other organizations like yours?

The challenge for many in non-profit or para-ministries is access to quality, affordable education while working full-time. Evangel’s online degree completion and graduate programs allow us to champion education without compromising staff retention.

Church Partnership Spotlight: Evangel Temple – Jacksonville

James Price

Director of Church Connections

Tell us about your church/college.

Evangel Temple is an Assembly of God Church that is Multicultural and Multi Generational. We welcome all walks of life into a vibrant community of faith for families to grow and experience a life of significance in Jesus Christ.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your church/college?

The College is a way to get discipled or to figure out what your God calling is through hands- on experience, working with experienced leaders and being challenged in a harmonious atmosphere.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other churches?

The partnership has opened our eyes to understand that we are a part of a bigger picture.  We want to be a program that impacts our community through people from our congregation. Evangel University helps in creating an academic curriculum  for our students to reach our community and change OUR world.

I would recommend a partnership because students can learn on hand in their own church, while still receiving academic credit from an accredited university that can lead to a post secondary degree.

School District Spotlight: Branson R-IV

Dr. Mike Dawson

Executive Director, Instruction

Tell us about your school district.

Branson Public Schools sits in the heart of the Ozarks serving over 4,500 learners from PreK through 12th grade.  As a “Community Committed to Learning” we take pride in meeting the needs of our students by creating a school environment that fosters community and supports the physical, socio-emotional, and academic well-being of all students.  Branson is blessed to have over 400 employees linking arms to serve our students.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school district?

The initial goal of Branson’s partnership with Evangel University was to provide high quality professional development for teachers. However, after celebrating the first 19 teachers to graduate with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Leadership, the outcomes have far exceeded our initial goal. Graduates report they have a higher level of classroom confidence and more ownership of the district’s mission, vision, values and goals.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other school districts?

If you’re looking for ways to retain teachers and increase teacher effectiveness, partnering with Evangel is a piece of the puzzle every district should explore. The team from Evangel is professional, responsive, flexible, and has made the process as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Christian School Partnership Spotlight: Bethesda Christian

Fort Worth, TX

Sarah Remlinger

College and Career Coach

Tell us about your school.

Bethesda Christian School has been open for over 40 years serving ages infants ages 6 weeks through 12th grade.  Our mission is to partner with parents in providing a quality Christ-centered education preparing students for their God-given purposes. Our three distinctives are Character, Academics and Service.

What has your partnership with Evangel done for your school district?

An excitement has grown in our community with a university partnership that offers quality academics while embracing a biblical worldview. Dual Credit is something that our families wanted expanded. While we did have a couple of classes of dual credit, the majority were AP, so our community is excited with this expansion.

Why would you recommend a partnership with Evangel to other schools?

I have engaged with many university partnerships throughout the years in my positions in other states. Evangel is by far the most supportive and responsive to questions and concerns. It truly feels like a partnership rather than a box that has already been created by the university for the school to fit in. They respond to the unique circumstances and needs on an individual basis. It has truly been a blessing and would be for any school that is wondering if Evangel is right for them.