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FAQ - Verification

How are students selected for verification?

Each year, the federal government randomly selects 18% of ALL students submitting the FAFSA for verification. Most applications are selected at random, others because of inconsistent information. Examples of FAFSA applications that may be selected for verification include those where the information was corrected by student or parent or where the FAFSA was resubmitted.

What should I do if I’m selected for verification?

The Office of Financial Aid will provide you with a list of required documents of proof for both the parents and student. Submit the requested documents promptly to avoid delays in receipt of your financial aid.

What if I don’t submit all the documents needed to complete verification?

Federal financial aid will NOT be awarded until verification is completed, discrepancies are resolved, and the necessary corrections are submitted and processed by the US Department of Education.

Who reviews verification documents and files?

Office of Financial Aid staff coordinate the verification process.

What if a mistake is found during verification?

If a mistake is found during verification, the Office of Financial Aid submits a correction to the US Department of Education, who in turn notifies the student that his/her FAFSA has been updated.

When is the deadline for completing verification?

A student who is selected for verification during the fall semester must have all required documents submitted by December 1. Any student who does not complete verification by December 1 will be ineligible to return for the spring semester and will be responsible for the remainder of their fall bill after any institutional aid is applied. If a student is required to complete verification as part of the Special Circumstances Appeal process, the deadline for Special Circumstances Appeal will apply.