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Student Employment

Each year, the federal government helps fund work study or student employment jobs on campus and through service projects off campus. If you’re looking for more ways to pay for college, campus employment jobs can be a great way to help.

Frequently Asked Student Employment Questions

How do I find a job on campus?

  • If you are approved for work study, you will need to find your own campus job. All postings are listed at Handshake.
  • To search for student employment jobs on Handshake, enter Evangel University Student Employment as company name.
  • To search for Spot Jobs on Handshake, enter Evangel University Student Employment as the Company Name. Spot jobs include tasks like babysitting, housecleaning, yard work, helping people move, etc

To Apply:

  • Download the Student Employment Application (located at the bottom of each posting) and contact the department per their instructions on the listing. Inquire about the basic terms and conditions of the job, and arrange an informal interview time and date. There are a limited number of jobs, so apply early.
  • For more assistance, send an email to

What is Work Study?

  • If you’re looking for more ways to pay for college, work-study jobs can be a great way to help.
  • The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a student employment program through which the federal government subsidizes earnings for hours worked in campus employment positions. It is a need-based program, meaning students must demonstrate a financial need on their FAFSA in order to work and earn FWS dollars that will assist in educational and living expenses while attending school. It is not an automatic financial award, but rather an opportunity to earn the award by taking the initiative to find a job on-campus and earn wages.
  • Working an on-campus job (including Work Study) is real employment. Students earn minimum wage and are paid as they work. The IRS considers these wages earned income. Each student employee will receive a W-2 from payroll (annual statement). You must claim your earnings on your income tax return and your FAFSA application.
  • Student Employee Manual

How do I get approved for a work study position?

To apply for participation in the Federal Work Study (FWS) program, students must complete and submit the FAFSA. Once the FAFSA has been submitted and Evangel receives a copy of it, the Office of Financial Aid will determine your financial need to receive FWS, as calculated based on information reported on the FAFSA. The financial aid office will then award FWS to all students who demonstrate sufficient financial need. However, due to funding restrictions, FWS positions may not be available to all eligible students. If you have any questions, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

What do I do after I’ve been hired on campus?

After you find a campus job, you’ll need to report to a scheduled New Student Employee Orientation before you begin working:

  • You will need to bring two forms of identification (one ID has to be photo verification and the other ID must be citizenship verification):
    • Examples include: Valid Passport
    • OR Driver’s license/State ID and Social Security card/birth certificate
    • School ID and Social Security card/birth certificate
    • Military ID and Social Security card/birth certificate
    • All documents must be unexpired originals ~ no copies
    • The full list and explanation of the federal law regarding proper identification can be found at USCIS.GOV — I-9 Forms Verification
  • If hired after the scheduled New Student Employee Orientation, visit the Human Resources office to complete employment verification/tax paperwork: I-9 & W-4s. If IDs are not presented before the first day of work, the student will not be allowed to work. Student workers only need to complete this paperwork one time, even if they get a different job in a different department next semester. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources.

How will I be paid?

  • Hourly workers need to be trained on ADP time and attendance. Employees are required to log hours daily.
    • Time Card Policy
    • Payday is every other Friday.
    • Pay Cards are the default method of Payment for Payroll. Please pick up your Pay Card on your first Payday at the Bursar’s Office, 204 Riggs Hall with your Student ID.
    • Employees are strongly encouraged to have their paychecks directly deposited into a checking or savings account.
    • You can deposit your paycheck directly into any bank in the 50 United States. You will need your routing and account numbers to set it up online.
    • Students interested in directly depositing their paycheck into their student account may opt for Voluntary Payroll Deduction. Due to most students’ financial circumstances changing each year, a form needs to completed and signed each academic year. Please see Amy Fjell in HR for more information.
    • Paycheck stubs (earnings statements) and W-2s (annual statements) can be viewed and printed any time from ADP Self Service Portal.
    • If you have difficulty viewing the PDF statement, download the most recent version of Adobe Reader.
    • The ADP system keeps them online for up to three years.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources.

How many jobs can I have on campus?

  • Students are not allowed to have more than two on campus jobs at the same time or work more than 20 combined hours per week during the academic year.
  • The average campus job is 8 hours per week.
  • Jobs begin the first day of classes each semester. Departments are required to designate hours around class schedules. In the event that you need some free time (such as to study for a test), contact your supervisor so an arrangement can be made.

The Federal Work-Study program is a great opportunity to show your responsibility. It’s a truly profitable learning experience that prepares you for the future.