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Commuters (417 Hall)

As a commuter student, you will have avenues for connection and collaboration through our student organization, the “417 Hall.” The Commuter Coordinator and student council work together planning events and providing resources that address your needs and help you to thrive. The Commuter Coordinator serves as a liaison between commuter students and Administration. The Commuter Council is a team of student leaders who plan and implement activities for the commuter population to encourage belongingness to the university and lasting friendships among students.

The Commuter Office, located on the second floor of the Student Union, is your place to get questions answered. A commuter lounge, computer lab, and lockers are also located in the student union. The “fire-side room” has couches, a big screen TV, along with two dining and/or study tables, a refrigerator, and microwave.

Off-Campus Approval Criteria

EU believes students have the best opportunity to flourish by engaging the campus environment as student residents. As a result, it is the goal to have every student reside in the Residence Halls during the duration of their educational experience. EU also recognizes certain situations where students may be provided the option to live off campus and have outlined those eligibility requirements below.

Eligibility (Must meet at least ONE of the following AND complete Off-Campus Housing Form and parental endorsement (if applicable):

  • Living with a parent, grandparent, or court-approved legal guardian within a 50-mile radius of Evangel
  • Married
  • Enrolled in 11 credit hours or less (PT status through the full semester; includes concurrent courses at another institution)
  • Age 23 or older prior to the official, published semester move-in day
  • Completed eight (8) full-time semesters of course work (not including summer term)
  • Completed a previous baccalaureate degree
  • Fulfilled a minimum of two years active-duty military service
  • Participating in the student teaching semester
  • Upper-level nursing student with classes at Cox School of Nursing
  • Student transferring to Evangel from a local (50-mile radius of EU) college/university who will maintain existing independent living arrangements.

Under 23 criteria: Achieved senior status (88+ credits), with a cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher, and age 22 by move-in day at the beginning of the semester. Any disciplinary status higher than Probation Level 1 is cause for denying the off-campus housing request.

Once you meet one of the criteria, submit the off-campus questionnaire (located in the student portal) and your request will be evaluated by the Housing Director. A parental endorsement is required for students living at home with their parents. All commuters must submit the questionnaire. Students living with parents are approved on a yearly basis and must re-apply prior to each fall semester.

Resident students changing to commuter status should check with their financial aid counselor to see if their financial award will be affected. Valor students must live on campus in order to remain eligible.

417 Hall Social Media

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