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Serve On and Off Campus

Embedded in the DNA of Evangel University is the belief that all students are called to be salt and light in the world and that we most effectively serve God by serving our neighbor, whether that is on campus, in the community, or around the world. You will find amazing opportunities to serve others. For new students, this starts during EU Launch orientation when we partner with organizations like Convoy of Hope and Elevate Lives to spend a Saturday serving needs in the Springfield community. Throughout the semester, there are so many ways you can put your faith into action through service. In addition to general clubs and organizations, here are some of our service organizations:

Student Ministries

You can get involved with so many ministry opportunities through CROSSwalk, Evangel’s student ministry organization. They can help you connect your interests and spiritual gifts with outreach opportunities, such as drama, children’s ministries, residence hall devotions, street witnessing, Make a Difference Day, missions trips, and more.

Global Connections Trips

Multicultural experiences can expand our understanding of the world and our place in it. As part of our core curriculum, the Global Connections program offers every student a chance to minister and serve in culturally relevant ways. The university offers many off-campus opportunities for those looking to serve the Lord in a local, national, or international setting. Global Connections trips are hosted by a faculty or staff member and by a student leader. Trips are designed for specific periods of time during academic breaks.

Learning By Doing

The Center for Compassion provides opportunities for people from both inside and outside of the Evangel community to engage with people needing compassion through service, education, and research. This compassion may be expressed locally, nationally, or globally. These experiences may occur as part of an event, practicum, or internship, resulting in a lifetime calling to compassion, regardless of vocation. The Center programs are available for current students, alumni, local and international organizations, and churches.

The Center for Compassion serves as a liaison for Evangel students by connecting them with organizations and agencies that provide experiences in the practical application of compassionate service, while earning their degree. Students completing internships and volunteer opportunities learn of the fulfillment and meaning that is provided with a hands-on experience while considering how they will live out their calling.

The Center also coordinates training opportunities for students, alumni, community members, churches, and organizations desiring to learn how to effectively demonstrate compassion through action. Examples of training includes crisis relief efforts, as well as programming for those needing long-term approaches to best meet individual and community needs.

In collaboration with Evangel’s Global Connections program, students experience global cultures and learn about the worldview and culture of people across the globe, while partnering with a variety of organizations (such as Convoy of Hope), missionaries, and professionals globally.

Interdisciplinary minor and certificate programs provide students access to best practice and current trends in caring for the needy and a framework for understanding compassionate care from a Christian worldview.

Contact Us

Crosswalk: Cecilia Corbin, Coordinator for Student Ministries

Global Connections:  Marla McLane, Logistics Coordinator

Center for Compassion: Stephen McMichael,  Director