The Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, and through our Biblical Languages program, you will understand its words in a whole new way by learning the Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew translations.

A focus on textual criticism and its application will enhance your vocational calling to ministry and prepare you to pursue advanced study in biblical languages. As you grow in your language skills, you will be introduced to elementary, intermediate, and advanced Biblical Hebrew as well as elementary, intermediate, and advanced Hellenistic Greek.

Understanding these original languages will allow you to properly practice sound biblical exegesis and its related application. Enhance your faith and grow in your calling through the study of biblical languages.

Majors: Develop a deep understanding of the original languages of the Bible and use this knowledge to enhance your ministry career.

Minors: Study the original languages of the Bible to practice sound biblical exegesis in your ministry pursuits.

Concentrations: Develop an understanding of the original languages of the Bible to promote sound biblical exegesis and complement your ministry calling.

Fine Arts Scholarship

Fine Arts Scholarship opportunities are available for those interested in pursuing this program. Click here for eligibility and requirement details!