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Biblical Studies

Our program is designed for future leaders, like you, who want to pursue full time ministry opportunities or increase their biblical knowledge and its application.

Delve into each book of the Bible and understand its historical context, significant players, and real-life applications. Pursue biblical research as you discover the significance of each divinely inspired word.

Professors with real-world ministry experience provide comprehensive instruction in hermeneutics, systematic theology, Pentecostal foundations, and Old and New Testament theology. Opportunities for internships and volunteer experiences will open the door for further hands-on application.

Prepare to pursue your calling in the ministry or the marketplace through our advanced program.

Major: Increase your biblical literacy and enhance your Christian worldview as you launch your future career in ministry.

Minor: Gain a foundational understanding of biblical theology to enhance your vocational calling.

Concentration: Incorporate biblical research and writing, hermeneutics, and theology to propel you into future ministry.

Pre-Seminary (Fast Track) Minor (MATS)

Pre-Seminary (Fast Track) Minor (MAIS)

Fine Arts Scholarship

Fine Arts Scholarship opportunities are available for those interested in pursuing this program. Click here for eligibility and requirement details!

Career Opportunities

Our academic programs are designed specifically to prepare you for a career in the real world. But it's more than just job preparation; it's preparing you to make a full impact in your profession through the unique combination of faith and learning. Here are some of the professions this degree would prepare you for:
  • Pastor, missionary or other church-related vocations
  • Seminary preparation
  • Doctoral programs (numerous disciplines)
  • Many of our students use Biblical Studies as a strong foundation for other majors and thus other careers


Department Chair

Regular Faculty

Meghan Musy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Director of Competency-Based Theological Education

Vince Medina, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Director of PhD Biblical Interpretation and Theology, Chair of Bible/Theology Department

William Griffin, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Mark Jenkins, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and Archaeology

Michael Jaffe, D.Min.

Professor of Preaching and Church Leadership

Steve Smallwood, D.Min.

Associate Professor for Church Ministries, Program Coordinator for Church Ministries (online)

Mark Fabian, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Learning

Chris McGough, M.A.

Associate Professor of Youth Ministries

Adjunct Faculty

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