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EU License Plates

Show your Valor pride everywhere you go with Evangel University customized license plates! The official EU license plate is NOW available to alumni, students, employees, donors and friends in Missouri.

How to Order Your EU License Plates

You do this…

Apply for your EU Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS) by making a tax-deductible donation of $25 (or $50 for a two year plate) to Evangel University:

  • MAIL: Send a check to: Evangel University: Attn Advancement, 1111 N. Glenstone Ave. Springfield, MO 65802. Make your check payable to Evangel University and write “license plate” in the memo line.
  • ONLINE: Fill out this contribution form. Note: If you are registering your car on a biennial basis, please indicate so on the application. You should double your donation ($50) on the online application in order to cover both years of your vehicle registration.

EU does this…

After you submit your donation of $25 (or $50 for a two year plate), EU will email you an Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS). The EUAS is proof that you contributed to EU and you will need to submit this form with your plate application.

Complete your application…

Once you receive your EUAS in the mail, you must complete an Application for Missouri Personalized and Special License Plates (Form 1716). On Step 2, please mark the “Collegiate” option and write in “Evangel University”. EU plates are personalized and may contain up to six alphanumeric characters (or up to five alphanumeric characters plus one space, hyphen, or apostrophe) for your personalized configuration. 


Mail your completed Form 1716, your EUAS, and the $15 personalized plate fee to Motor Vehicle Bureau, Personalized License Plate Section, PO Box 569, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0569.

The final step…

Your plates will be ordered by the Department of Revenue. You will be notified by mail when your plates are available for pick up at the license office you specified on your Form 1716. All questions about processing should be directed to the Missouri Department of Revenue at

You can order EU plates at any time, regardless of your current license plate expiration date. All new and renewal EU plates expire in July (passenger vehicles) or December (truck registrations). Yearly renewal requires a $25 donation to EU (a new Emblem Use Statement will be issued each time you donate to EU).

To find a local license office, visit

Ready to start? Go to the first step in the process.

Renewal EU Plate Information:

When renewing, remember to take a current Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS) along with the other forms required by the Department of Revenue for renewal of your plates to your local license office. If you renew on a biennial basis please be sure to pay a “double-donation” of $50 so that you can renew your license for two-years. 

Make your annual contribution to EU.

Note: EU specialty plates may be registered to passenger vehicles, trucks (up to 24,000 lbs.), motorcycles, and RVs.

New EU Plates – General Information

EU license plates are personalized plates and may contain up to six alphanumeric characters (or up to five alphanumeric characters plus one space, hyphen or apostrophe). EU plates are available only for vehicles registered in Missouri. Passenger vehicles, trucks (up to 24,000 lbs.), motorcycles, and RVs may be registered. Missouri does not offer personalized plates for trailers.  

To begin the plate application process, you must obtain your EU Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS). You may do this online by simply filling out this contribution form. The full process to order plates is outlined below.

To see if your personalized configuration is available, visit the Department of Revenue’s Online Personalize Plate Reservation System. If you already have a current personalized configuration that you want to switch to EU plates, the app will indicate that the configuration is not available. That is because it is already issued to you.

You can order EU plates at any time, regardless of your current plate expiration date. NOTE: You may obtain a two year-registration for an even model year vehicle in an even calendar year, or for an odd model year vehicle in an odd calendar year.