Tuition & Fees

As one of the most affordable Christian universities in the nation, Evangel is committed to providing the best possible academic experience at a reasonable cost.

You want a college experience that will prepare you for the future and help you reach your goals in life, and you need a university that is committed to providing an affordable pathway.

When you consider the value of an educational experience in the Christ-centered environment at Evangel University, it’s worth it to find out how EU can be within reach for people from all financial backgrounds.

Tuition and other costs are considerations that come to mind when considering your future, whether it be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Explore Evangels scholarship programs and other payment options to see how much more affordable your education can be.

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James River Leadership Campus Scholarships

2018-2019 Estimated Cost Per Semester

Tuition for 12-18 Credit Hours$11,516
General Student Fee$585
Double Room Occupancy$2,152
20 Meal Plan$2,109
*Student I.D. Card$25
*EU Launch Fee$100
Semester Total:$16,424.50
Annual Total:$32,849

Room & Board Breakdown


Double Occupancy$2,152
Single Occupancy$3,228


20-meal plan$2,109
15-meal plan$1,980
10-mean plan$1,800
45-meal per semester option$400
75-meal per semester option$575
10-meal per semester option$80

2019 Summer School Costs

Per credit hour$395 per hour
Registration Fee$125

* Denotes a one-time, first semester fee


2019-20 Tuition

Tuition for 12-18 Credit Hours$11,516
Taking less than 12 Credit Hours$960
Taking more than 18 Credit Hours$640

Miscellaneous Fees (when applicable)

Other Fees (charged when applicable)

Activities Fee$35-55
Applied Music Lesson Fee$95
Applied Music Fee$45
Art Fee (varies with tree)$40-100
Kinesiology Fees (varies with class)$10-250
Beh. Sci. Sophomore Sem. Fee$17
Cinematography Fee$75-90
Crime Scene Supplies and Equip.$75
Deferred Payment Plan Fee$50
Education Portfolio Fee$100
Graduation Fee$100
Registration Fee$100
Music Instrument Usage Fee$25
Photography Fee (varies with class)$80-90
Practicum Insurance Fee$15
Psych/Swk Testing Fee$5-25
Science Lab Fee$45
Student Teaching Fee$160
Transcripts (each)$7.25

What do my student fees cover?

Health Center/WellnessExcaliburThe LanceKECC
ESGA SenateActivities BoardArtist SeriesIntramurals
ClassesStudent Projects FundsEUTVCrusader Media
Safety and SecuritySecurity FirearmsCrosswalkTechnology
Counseling CenterDiscipleship Programming & AssessmentResidence Hall/Commuter FeesStudent Fitness Center
Film WorkshopStudent Union Programming

Evangel reserves the right to change tuition, fees and other charges without advance notice should conditions so warrant.

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James River Leadership Campus Tuition & Cost