Graduate Tuition & Fees

2019-2020 Program Costs Per Credit Hour

Athletic training$400
Education (master's level)$300
Education (doctoral level)$600
Organizational Leadership (online)$400
Clinical Mental Health Counseling$400
School Counseling$400
Audit (per credit hour)1/2 credit hour rate

Nonrefundable Fees

Application (one-time)$25
Late Registration$100
ID Card (one-time)$25
Official Transcripts$7.25
Part-time Student Fees (less than 4 hours)$80 per semester
Full-time Student Fees Seated (4 or more hours)$220 per semester
Full-time Student Fees Hybrid (4 or more hours)$165 per semester

Financial Aid Information

You will be given two payment options to choose from when you financially register online prior to the start of your semester. You can choose payment in full, which allows you to use loans, grants, scholarships and personal funds to cover your semester charges. The other option allows you to make four monthly payments to pay off your semester balance by the end of the current semester. There is no interest charged for the monthly payment plan; however, there is a $50 deferred payment plan fee for choosing that option.

If you are planning to use federal financial aid to assist in your school charges, you must complete the FAFSA and fill out the Verification of Employer Reimbursement/Advancement form  (pdf). Federal regulations require you to complete the employer reimbursement form if you are going to use federal financial aid, regardless of whether or not you are going to be reimbursed by your employer.

What do my student fees cover?

Safety and SecuritySystemsCampus Improvement
Counseling CenterHealth CenterStudent Project Fund
Residency ExperienceMabee Fitness CenterTechnology Fee