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Environmental Science

Applied Science and Sustainability (Environmental Science)

Are you interested in the relationships between humans and the environment? Do you want to learn how to integrate your Christian faith with environmental studies? Do you enjoy being in the ...

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Applied Mathematics

The applied mathematics comprehensive major is designed to prepare students for a variety of career options, depending on which secondary concentration is chosen. The program possibilities are: ...

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Computer Science

Computer Science

The Computer Science (CPSC) major covers the essential elements and develops the necessary skills to prepare students to begin a career in the highly rewarding field of computing or to continue ...

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The Mathematics major is designed to prepare students for a variety of career options. Approximately half of our graduates become certified to teach high school math. Around 20 percent continue ...

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A Chemistry degree provides diverse employment opportunities as well as preparation for graduate and professional studies. The Chemistry major provides a broad knowledge of chemical concepts, ...

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Natural and Applied Sciences

In today’s world, which places great emphasis on the analytical and disregards the spiritual, there is a great need for committed Christians in the field of science.

Natural and Applied Sciences students use the methods and conclusions of the natural sciences to discover the beauty and order of creation in ways that honor and glorify God while serving humanity.

Each day, students have one-on-one contact with professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the various fields of Science and Technology.

In addition, the combination of lab work, seminars and internships provides the hands-on experience students need to pursue graduate studies or go directly into a career field.

Natural and Applied Sciences majors and pre-professional tracks provide foundational scientific proficiencies. The department may also develop custom programs to meet individual needs.

Contact Natural and Applied Sciences to discuss tracks or programs and determine how to best pursue a calling to the sciences.

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