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Veteran's Financial Aid, Scholarship and Grant Resources

In addition to any VA benefits you may qualify for, you may also be eligible for various grants and scholarships from veteran’s organizations.  This money can help with tuition, books, dorm fees, and other expenses that are needed to complete your education.

If you are a dependent of a service member and benefits were either not transferred to you or you are not eligible for other reasons, you can still apply for grants and scholarships to help pay for school.

To find a list of over 100 scholarships and grants for veterans or dependents, visit the U.S. Veterans Magazine website (although this list is extensive, it is not exhaustive.)

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible to our service members and veterans and give you all options to financial aid and internal scholarships.  Many service members are eligible for federal grants and loans that do not affect VA or TA funds.  Often the first step in the process is filling out a FAFSA form to receive financial aid and scholarships.  Additionally, you can use the calculators to figure out how much you may need to borrow.  For all these services, please visit the EU Financial Aid page here. 

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