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Military Science (ROTC)


The military science (Army ROTC) curriculum teaches the principles of management and leadership as a foundation for civilian and military careers. Graduates of this program are eligible for appointments as commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Army ROTC Cadets are regular students just like everyone else on campus. They take a regular schedule of classes and have an academic major. Students typically meet twice a week for seated lecture classes and once per week for a leadership lab. The leadership lab is a field training environment where students are immersed into leadership roles to hone their leadership skills through practical application.

The Basic Course

The Basic Course is a foundational prerequisite for entry into the Advanced Course.

  • The Basic Course classes consist of MILS 101 (F), 102 (S), 211 (F), & 212 (S).
  • The 100- & 200-level classes may be taken concurrently based on need and with permissions. Taking the classes concurrently will allow a student to meet the Basic Course requirements within two semesters.
  • The Basic Course classes are open enrollment and available for all students without any military obligation. It is recommended that students first inquire about their options to determine the best path forward.

Basic Camp (Not Basic Training)

Basic Camp is an alternative to meeting the Basic Course requirements. Students who are otherwise eligible to enter the Advanced Course, but have not fully met the Basic Course requirements, may attend summer training at Fort Knox, KY to fulfill the prerequisite for entry into the Advanced Course.

Basic Camp is for students who only have 4-5 semesters remaining to graduate and cannot otherwise complete the Basic Course curriculum academically prior to the Advanced Course.

Veteran Students

Veteran students who have already completed Basic Training (not to be confused with Basic Camp) may already have credit for the Basic Course requirements and be eligible for the Advanced Course.

The Advanced Course (Permission and eligibility required)

Entry into the Advanced Course requires a contractual obligation to become an Army Officer upon graduation. Students must meet the Basic Course requirements before entry into the Advanced Course.

  • The Advanced Course classes consist of MILS 301 (F), 302 (S), 325 (Su), 411 (F), 412 (S), & HIST 490.
  • The Advanced Course classes cannot be taken concurrently and must be taken in the order listed.
  • It will take a minimum of four academic semesters starting in a Fall semester to complete the Advanced Course.
  • Students in the 300- & 400-level courses have real leadership roles within the organization. The leadership development that comes from ROTC is the practical application of leadership through real-world responsibility that our students have in planning, resourcing and executing resource intensive training and events.

Advanced Camp

Advanced Camp is typically done during the summer between the junior and senior year of college. It is a 31-day training event that is designed to assess a Cadet’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in basic officer leadership tasks. Cadets are evaluated on their ability to lead in both garrison and tactical environments. Cadets are mentally and physically tested in a consequence driven field training environment. Successful completion of the Advanced Camp is a prerequisite for commissioning.

The mission of Advanced Camp is to assess a Cadet’s potential to serve as a commissioned officer. It is the most significant training and evaluation event in ROTC. Training is complex, challenging, and rigorous.


Students who complete the ROTC curriculum will be appointed as commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard. What your plans are after college will be a factor in deciding which service component fits best with your long-term goals.

After graduation students will attend their next level of training, Basic Officer Leader Course, to learn their job and begin their career.

Career Opportunities

Army ROTC program prepares college students for a career in the Army. The leadership training and experiences that students have in Army ROTC will provide them with a foundation to become commissioned Army Officers upon graduation.

Students will be able to choose from 16 different Army branches to serve under. Army branches ranging from Field Artillery, Finance, Infantry, Medical Corps, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Ordnance, Aviation, Cavalry, Chemical, Engineers, etc.

Upon completion of Officer branch training and a first assignment, Army Officers may pursue additional specialized training and postgraduate education opportunities.

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